Printer randomly stops with error

  • Hi All

    Just doing my first long print and the printer stops randomly with the following error:

    “detect the file unexpectedly stopped the last time"

    It seems to be a controlled stop because the system cools down and by clicking resume it heats up again and simply continues. Sounds like it’s having issues reading the file on the SD card maybe? Any thoughts? Haven’t tried a new card yet or updated the firmware, just curious if this is a known issue.

  • Hello, I am having the same issue. I've tried two diffrent sd cards formatted with just the bin file and the printer stays on the loading screen with an empty progress bar. No matter how long I keep the printer on.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear @Ted-Herman

    1. Provide the manufacturing code of the faulty machine
    2. Please test whether the input and output of the power supply have voltage

  • @admin Also I have this problem with CR-6 SE. Both firmwares brushed OK. Then, after a print completed, next time powering on the CR-6 SE powered itself off. Now it is permanent, the CR-6 SE will not power on. What can be done to fix this?

  • @admin I have done a firmware update and purchased a new better quality sdcard but my printer still randomly stops mid print. This time there is no error, it just freezes with the temperature maintained. Power cycling the printer it asks me to resume, which it does. This is obviously dangerous because the hot end stays at full temperature.

    I see many other people reporting this issue on Kickstarter (I received my printer via Kickstarter) and here. Do you have any feedback on this issue?

  • @mikeswiss It is recommended to format the SD card to store only the models that need to be printed. And please refer to the video to refresh the motherboard firmware and display firmware:

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