HELP ME PLEASE - nozzle never touching bed

  • Hi all,

    I just recently assembled a brand new ended 3 pro.

    I am stuck at the levelling part....

    I level bed pretty much perfectly, however every time I go to print anything, the nozzle is no where near the bed.

    Tell me what I need to do - I’ve been trying for atleast 3 hours to figure this out

  • I had the Same Issue, you have to cut the small "knob" on the Z-Endstop, so that you can set it low enough, otherwise itr will never reach the bed

  • Dear @hany

    1. Please check if the X-axis is shaking, and adjust with reference to the video:
    2. Check whether the nozzle kit shakes, adjust it according to the video:
    3. Check if the printing platform is shaking, you can adjust it through the eccentric nut at the bottom of the platform
    4. After printing, adjust the printing rate to 20, and adjust the distance between the platform and the nozzle through the leveling nut

  • Just to be clear, you must first pre-heat the bed and do a home: then you disable the steppers and level the bed.
    When you do a home, does the bed go down until it clicks the EOT switch?

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