Question on connecting the Capricorn PTFE Tube to Extruder on Ender 5 Pro ...

  • I just received my new Ender 5 Pro and I'm trying to connect the Capricorn PTFE Tube to the Extruder. When I push the Tube into the extruder and place the blue locking ring on, the tube just slides right back out. Isn't it supposed to lock in place? Can someone please explain the required steps to get the tube and extruder properly setup. The instructions also didn't provide an exact location where the extruder was supposed to be placed on the rail. Does it matter?
    If it does, can anyone provide a recommended location where the motor should be placed?
    Obviously, I'm new to 3D printing, so I'm sorry if my questions are a bit stupid. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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