Creality LD-002H: Gratitude Feedback Activity

  • What kind of functions does the LD-002H 3D printer have? Let's dive in.

    1.Fast print speeding: the Creality LD-002H 3D printer's innovation is powered by an LCD Monochrome display screen, the transparency is enhanced and the curing time of the model is 1-4S/layer, compared with the similar resin 3D printer, the print speed is increased by 10%.

    2.Fast to leveling: reducing the printing platform to 2k screen, set aside a distance of paper, locking rotary knob to finish the leveling.

    3.High resolution: the Creality LD-002H have 1620 * 2560 high resolution and high precision, displaying the 3D printer model detail from point to surface, the precision reaches 51μm.

    4.Air filtration: the air filtration has activated carbon that can effectively reduce the smell from resin and more environmentally friendly.

    5.Z-axis linear guideway: achieving high precision accuracy has to keep stability. Z-axis linear guideway can make sure high precision processing. a stable mechanical structure can offer you high precision results.

    6.3.5-inch full-color touch screen: an easy UI design can real-time monitoring the printing information, it is easy to operate and more human friendly.

  • I just bought the LD-002R, doesn't seem like the H was available here in Canada.

    I LOVE the 2R, so I am not complaining. It was the perfect starter 3d resin printer and I am so pleased I bought it... but now I really do wish I had the added speed of the 2H 💨

    Is there any chance Creality will come out with a mid sized 4k Mono printer soon? Maybe a 9" or 10" screen and 250mm + height build space?

    Thanks for coming to market with these printers, I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of the 2R so far.



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