Extruder motor losing steps

  • I was printing a rather large piece (12+ hours) when I heard the noise of the extruder motor losing steps. Actually the filament wouldn't (couldn't) budge.
    I cleaned the line, took the opportunity to install a Capricorn tube, now it is better, but still, quite often the motor loses steps. I believe it is not a good sign. IMO it shows that the motor is trying to push more than what the nozzle can actually dispense.
    I use PLA with the factory settings. 30% fill and 0.2mm layer.
    Should I try
    Increasing nozzle temperature
    Increasing print speed
    Reducing extruder pressure/speed

  • Thanks for your answer. For some reason I haven't been allowed to access the forum, but now it seems to work.
    I have asked the same question elsewhere, and read a lot of articles.
    Increasing temperature is a no-go, since I have already cobwebs (stringing).
    It seems the extrusion speed is a little too high, so I have to go into Cura and experiment.

  • @jlm1948 Hi, i would recommend to increase the hotend temperature by 5C, than can help make the filament less viscous, look at the recommended printing temperature of the PLA you are using and use a temperature closer to the maximum they recommend. Are you using the 0,4 mm nozzle? Because going smaller than that can create problem with some filaments and using a bigger nozzle can help reduce pressure, but at a certain diameter you need to be sure that the hotend can heat the plastic fast enough... I hope it will help you, have a good day/night!!

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