Strange “dust” on rollers

  • Has anyone else noticed a grey dust on the X and Y rollers? I assume they are wearing against the track (I have firmed them down quite well - but not super tight that they don’t slip - to remove any wobble). This is my first such printer, all my previous printers have used bearings. Maybe this is expected for a new printer as the rollers bed in?

  • Great, thanks for the feedback. If it wasn’t for the fact my printer randomly stops mid print it has outstanding price/performance. Now it just needs to work reliably and it would be perfect.

  • @mikeswiss I've had that on quite a few printers, never had any problems with wear or anything. Once a week I wipe them off simply because I don't like the way it looks 🙂

  • Yeah I have the same. Appears to be dust that gets attracted to the wheels and deposited on the rails. Can't see any damage on both wheels or rail so I think (and hope) that it's what I think it is.

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