Runaway bed heating

  • When I turn on my printer, the heated bed immediately begins heating up.

    Nothing I can do, short of turning off the machine, will stop the bed from getting hotter and hotter.

    I saw that there was another topic on this already. I took a video of the machine being turned on, but I am being told that I don't have permission to upload the video here. Is there an email address or something I should send the video to?

    Additionally, where would I find directions for how to locate the motherboard and take a picture of it? I assume it is under one of the plates at the bottom of the machine, but would rather not just start disassembling it without knowing what I am looking for.

  • @Backer8288 If you follow the wiring harness to it's origin, you'll find the motherboard. I don't know your exact printer but if it's powered like the Ender3 or 5 series, the bottom of the power supply is held on with 4 screws, remove them (hold onto the plate, the fan wire is connected to the motherboard) and you need to unplug it before completely removing the bottom plate) and the motherboard is in there. No idea why your bed heat runs away like that. I'm new to 3D printing/printers myself. Had a small issue with my Ender 5 firmware but got it going and I really like the printer now that I've worked out the bugs and gotten it set up right. Poor customer support around here though. Good luck.

  • I am still looking for help with this issue.

  • @admin is this the kind of support I can expect if I ever actually get my printer and have issues?

  • It's completely unacceptable how long it takes to get a reply from Creality on this forum

  • Just checking in again on this.

  • Is there a more appropriate place for me to be seeking help with this issue? I am unable to power on my printer for more than a few minutes currently before my heated bed becomes dangerously hot.

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