Unable to level bed ender 5 plus

  • Hi
    Setup 5 plus last night, followed instructions on how to level glass bed, paper - adjust - retest - Auto level. BL touch operating ok

    Print benchi - 4 times nozzle to close to bed causing scratches.

    Decided to Watch Creality video dated 29th Nov 19- followed as per video all ok

    Until the part where he sets the Z axis to 150-200 then drops Z to fits bed, switches off, connects cables then switches back on (I have also Checked and reset Z offset to 0 and stopped last print)
    Settings - Home- XY settings 180, Z -12, bed rises to top and BL touch adjusts-!!!
    For some unknown reason now my bed stops 240mm short of the BL touch probe and unable to get bed to raise any further even switching off and manually turning bed up to just below nozzle, BL touch sensor still flashing red and pin in retracted position.
    Is there a reset?? printer in false position??
    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated



  • Dear @Volvo-2020

    . Check the BLtouch connection to the motherboard end of the line to ensure that the line connection is intact, re-plug the line again and then test whether the probe automatically retracts when the power is turned on
    . Share the video of BLtouch working and zeroing when powering on
    . Refresh the firmware and test again; if the red light is always on and the probe does not extend, consider replacing the damaged BL touch.

    Ender-5PlusBLTouch_0117_V1.70.2 BL.hex

  • @Volvo-2020 I am have the same problem. I am new to 3D printing. I have done what you have done and now my bed stops where yours did. Did you solve the problem and find a reset option?

    Thanks for the help.


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