Problem with leveling (autoleveling and homing)

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a huge problem with my CR-6 SE.
    My printer rams the print head into the print bed when leveling and homing.
    When I remove the printhead cover, I see that the blue sensor LED is permanently on.
    Measurements (according to showed: red to black ~ 3.2v black to white ~ 1.6v and black to green 1.6v and resistance green to white 962 ohms, should actually be ok.
    Turning the potentiometer does not bring any improvement. At one point the glow fades a little, but a minimal turn the LED lights up again at full strength.
    Oh yes ... pressure on the nozzle (a little more) changes the resistance 1 ohm. I also have an exchange gauge => no change.

    In between I shot the mainboard because I wanted to connect USB and swapped it, so the mainboard is not the reason. Perhaps one of you has advice. The creality support is unfortunately not helpful until now (1 week) and without the leveling option the printer is unfortunately not usable.

    Oh yes, it already printed a Benchy in great quality on the first day. When I switched it on on the 2nd the problem started. (Yes, I have already swapped the firmware back and forth and emptied the SD card).

    Many thanks for your help!

    Björn Schlaack.

    P.S.: Yout tube video to this:
    P.P.S.: Images:

  • @admin Hi, when you watch my video you might see, that I did that (as I wrote). The blue led fade in one point a little out, but never is full off. A little turn further the led shines bright again. I found another guy in a facebook forum which has the same problem. The creality support came to the conclusion that his controller board in the print head has a defect. Another anormaly of my printer: Normally the blue led blinks three time when you start the printer, mine doesn't. Now I wait that the creality support reacts, now for 1 1/2 weeks. Do you know where to buy this print head controller board, or the full print head as a spare part?

  • Dear @bschlaack

    If the blue light is normally on, it means that the pressure-sensitive kit is normal. Please adjust the drive voltage of the pressure-sensitive kit to 1.68 and try, (the normal range is DC 1.55-1.7V)

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