CR10-V2 burned circuit board

  • Hello Creality community,

    Today I turned on my CR10 V2 and suddenly heard a pop sound, with a chemical smell.
    The screen turned off (only blue) and then I immediatly turned off the printer.

    I disassembled the powersupply, to check for damages.

    This is what I found :


    Original reference : (the yellow one)

    A burned C3+ component.
    Since I can flux repair this thing, I'd like to avoid the customer service, and a useless motherboard replacement. I think it's the only damaged component.

    Do you know what reference this little guy is ?
    I can't read it anymore since it burned 😖

    Many thanks in advance !

  • @admin

    Many thanks for your fast reply, and asking your experts, I ordered a strip of 10uf 50v !
    I'll let you know how it turns.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear @yannoid

    I send your question to our engineer, he supports Two solutions: one is to remove it directly, and the other is to replace it with a 10uf/50v 0805 package.

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