First layers and warping problem

  • Hi, I just got my CR-6 SE (mother board 4.5.2 32 bits ) by a reseller this week i am using Creality Slicer_4.2.9 with the default settings for my prints, the first 2 prints are perfect. However at the 3rd, I have a problem, clearly I made a loud noise, I was exploited, then with the auto-leveling impossible to return to home at the auti leveling level, after some research I put day el firmeware, it corrected the problem at the level of the auto-leveling, but just after the Y engines of the plate did not move any more.

    I disassembled the motor y, and check the voltage, and the connections, and it works again, without more reason, and I tried the cables x and y, and I added a FAN Duck.

    But I have a warping problem on the bottom of the parts, for the calibration cube, it is only behind at the bottom left, for the model evoly the base is not terrible.
    and i dont see what is wrong. if you have any leads.

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