High pitch beep startup problem with silent board

  • Hello guys I’m owning the ender 5 with silent board. I printed the hero me 5 fan duct parts yesterday and wanted to put the parts on.

    I splitted the part cooler power cable to run 2x 5015 fan because I wanted to use the double part cooler version of hero me.

    Since I removed the hotend fan and put the new one I noticed I only have the starting screen with high pitch beep coming from the lcd display.

    After I upgraded my standard mainboard to the silentboard my fans are not working connected to kfan1 and kfan2. To get my hotend fan working I had to connect my hotend cables together with the 24v power cables. I don‘t really know what to do and really do need help.
    I would really appreciate any help and tips.

    Thank you in advance.

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