I feel like my 3D printer is bipolar

  • My dad and I have recently gotten a 3D printer, being the Creality CR-10s Pro V2. While he was at work I printed a few things just to see if the printer works and it did. I printed some tugboats and toys for my siblings which all came out smooth. I tried printing some things for myself such as toy parts which came in a folder with all the files together. The parts printed smoothly, however after coming back after going to my grandma's house and trying to print other parts it just doesn't want to print it properly where the raft becomes super rough the the nozzle starts to grind against the print. I've tried calibrating it multiple times to no avail. When I try to do test prints it works then whenever I do legitimate prints it just doesn't print properly. I'm so lost on why it's like this.

  • @M01ST_M3T3R Please refer to the video to re-level it. https://youtu.be/1Akpkfqq290

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