X-axis stepper does not move after using feed/retract menu

  • I was switching filament and tried to use the feed/retract menu to help. It did nothing, but got the filament loaded anyway. After this, I started a print and after heating it complained about the filament having run out (first time I've seen that). I cancel the print and restart the printer. When I restarted the print it did not show the error anymore but now the x-axis does not move anymore.

    Power cycling has not helped, "resetting to factory" has not helped. I tried flashing the firmware but it does not seem to reflash the already most up to date firmware.

    Any ideas?

  • @DutchMojo Please refer to the video first for the motor replacement test, and confirm the problem.

  • Herp, Derp, check your connections....... the flatcable going to the gantry had been knocked loose. It has no locking mechanism so this is a minor design flaw to watch out for.

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