That excellent magnetic bed, but...

  • Hi folks,

    I'm very new here; like ten minutes old! But I have a problem.

    I've been using the splendid magnetic flexible bed for some months now but gradually the adhesion has become less and less until now nothing sticks down.

    One attempt with a cheap glue stick resulted in lumps and bumps all over the bed so I dropped that as an option. Hair-spray worked for a while but it all got a bit thick so I cleaned it off with hot water + detergent and then IPA. Now even hair-spray doesn't work. I noticed that the original texture has been scraped much smoother with the palette-knife so I tried sand-paper to renew the roughness. Nope, no help at all.

    Does anybody know what Creality uses to give us that quite excellent adhesion when we first use the bed? Any way to get that back?

    I have just taken delivery of a replacement mag mat from Amazon and, yes, the new one is brilliant but it seems a bit odd to have the bed surface as a consumable.

  • I think I've cracked it.

    I suspect that the entire problem has been caused by a faulty thermistor in the hot end. I tried raising the extrusion temperature and, when I got to 225 deg the print stuck down. And this is PLA we're talking about, previous extrusion temperature was 195 deg. So, replacement hot end now on order from Amazon. Of course I will shortly have a whole pile of handy spare nozzles and, whoopee, a replacement magnetic mat. Lucky, lucky me! 🙂

    BTW. That sorta answers my simple question about the balling of the filament on the nozzle. If the temperature is too low but hot enough to just soften the extruded filament then it will not stick to the bed but deflect upwards and start sticking to the nozzle.

    Thanks for your time folks, back to the printer now as I have six Christmas presents to create for the family; time is flying as one of them lives in New Zealand and I live in Portugal!

  • @admin Moving on....

    Now have a set of replacement nozzles on order; maybe my so called 'cleaning' of the nozzle has distorted the hole?

    This is driving me bonkers! Everything was going well and then the sudden change to no adhesion! I still would like an answer to my 'simpler' question. Does a ball of filament forming round the nozzle when you print the skirt mean that the nozzle is too high or too low? I really need some help here folks! 🙂 (Aplogies for shouting there.)

  • @admin Thanks for the levelling link. Unfortunately it doesn't work; I think Google Drive doesn't like me!

    Any chance of a different link?

  • @admin Thanks for the response.

    But, of course, I'm still confused. (I think 'Confused' is my middle name!)

    But my fault, I should have said that I've got an Ender 3 Pro with the magnetic bed.

    By 'carbon crystal silicon glass plate' you don't mean the magnetic flexible bed do you? I think the original Ender 3 came with a glass bed?

    I strongly suspect that my problem is simply getting the levelling right as the new flexible bed is now misbehaving in the same way with no adhesion!

    So, simpler question. Is a ball of filament forming on the nozzle a sign that the bed is too low? The snag is that, when I then raise the bed a tiny bit the filament is ground into the bed; good adhesion then but that ruins the textured surface.

    Sorry to be such a pain but this is driving me crazy!

  • @Mebyon Dear, you may apply solid glue on the surface to enhance the adhesion, and level the surface to the best condition.
    If the surface wear serious, please replace Creality original carbon crystal silicon glass plate.

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