Is there a shipping / customer service issue?

  • Is there an issue shipping to the UK? my CR6 has been sat in Germany for over a month now "waiting for UPS", When I've asked on the facebook page it seems I'm not the only one. I cant get a reply from creality to email, facebook post or facebook messenger. Can any one at Creality check up on this and provide feedback to the people who believed in the kickstarter enough to order months before there was a product ready to ship, put up with the last minute changed shipping policy and are now been ignored by customers service and feel like the have been robbed on a product that looks like it wont be delivered.

    As this is the suggestions and feed back section I guess I should provide some. I suggest you keep closer check on your shipping carriers. I also suggest your customer service start responding to customers.
    My feedback would be that both are making you look very bad right now.

  • @laazarus Yeh, mine was the same for over a month also... it'll come.... mine arrived this morning.... although it also promptly died this afternoon!

  • @admin well we're currently on day 55 so that graphic is a lie. we were on day 51 when i posted my original message. With counting ability like that I can see why your shipping is crap 😞

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear @laazarus

    If the goods are on the boat, the shipping status will be keep same, if it finishes customs clearance, the status will update.

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