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  • The only way to control the box is through the app? Can we do it through PC??

  • @Paolo said in PC control:

    app? Can we do it through PC

    Yes from pc browser.
    If an app can send to the box, i think there is a way to send from pc... the box is simply a wifi router with usb and lan ports. My idea is something like grbl sender or the app 3d fox printer controller.

  • @kromgr said in PC control:

    app? Can we do it through PC

    You can acce to box via web in the same network ie. ip. (my box ip DHCP), user: admin password: admin.

    The system platform is RT2880 embedded switch.
    I read about sdk for this platfomr but i'm not able to make nothing of this.


    Using port scanner for my box ip i find this ports.

    23, 80, 81, 6523, 8888.


    I try to acces with putty telnet at port 23 but i don't know user and password.

  • It needs some research. At present I can't find a way into the box without damaging it. I want to see what makes it tick. 🙂

    What I have discovered is that the USB port it plugs into is a USB/Serial converter, hopefully FTDi, so it should show up as a port in Device Manager.

  • As far as i can tell yes but it needs PC access or where you can load to the cloud from PC so you can get your files from your phone.

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