CR-6 SE dead (no power/can't power on)

  • My kickstart CR-6 SE printer is dead (no power).

    What's the best/fastest way to get my printer fixed?
    Urgent - have a lot of print projects waiting.

    Trouble symptoms:

    • Printer will not power up.
    • Power switch on/off doesn't do anything.
    • Removing & reinserting AC power cord doesn't do anything either.
    • No sound
    • No light

  • My new unit is the same - dead! No red light on power switch, no images on display panel, no noises, no movement, etc. Just opened and assembled yesterday. Sounds like the power switch is a typical culprit. Should I just return it??

  • My last post here >:
    I fixed my CR-6 SE with my own tools & parts.

    I had provided adequate RMA problem symptoms and descriptions, and also provided troubleshooting results, and the slow and irresponsible responses by Creality convinced me to move on and no longer purchase/support anything this company make now and in the future (unless somehow by miracle, Creality can be a proper legit company, like DJI).

    A company that doesn't back their own products, is a dead company.
    No matter if the current goal is quantity and sell as many peanuts as possible; only companies that care for their customers will gain repeat customers, and ultimately big orders.

    I will close all my Creality open issue posts in other social media after this, with the same summary:

    Do not buy Creality products.
    Their printers are cheap, but come with low build quality, bad reliability/design, non-existence support, and no warranty.
    Creality 3D printers are not recommended.

  • @shinmai I bypassed the switch

  • @Budi said in CR-6 SE dead (no power/can't power on):

    120V AC at the input

    At the input of the PSU? Has the switch welded closed, or did you bypass it for testing?

  • @admin It's the power switch. The power supply is good: 120V AC at the input and 24V DC output.
    @admin What is the next step? Can you ship me a replacement switch that works, safer & reliable? Let me know if you need my KS backer # for verification/address.

  • I have just experienced what may be the same problem. My Creality CR-6 SE shut down unexpectedly and now won't power up at all (and switch itself feels less "positive" when flipping).

    While I have a multimeter, I'm not that experienced using it. Can anyone provide slightly more detailed instructions on how to determine if the switch has failed?

  • Dear @Budi

    You can use a multimeter to test whether the power supply has input and 24V output, whether the power cord is in a normal path

  • @Budi it's the power switch toggle that has failed, just as it has on many more of these disasters. PLEASE don't try to remove the switch to fix yourself...mine started spitting sparks out if the switch late last week before I could pull the plug on it! I haven't touched it since it happened, and the responses about this problem are by and large being ignored by the company.

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