Homes and starts printing on the front left corner

  • I have just set up my Ender 3V2 printer, I did the bed leveling, I tried to print a test 20mm cube and the printer always starts printing on the front left corner (as you are facing the printer).
    I do not have the Origin at center box checked in the I used the U Cura 4.7.1.

    What did I miss, or do incorrectly?

  • @crzydj
    Did you select the Ender 3 Pro as your printer in Cura?
    Is it the cube that's printing on the front left corner?
    If this is the case then I can't help you with this issue.
    If it Is not. In Cura the Ender start G-code prints two lines. On the left side of the bed from the front to the back and returns back to the front . Then it starts to print the object.

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