Creality CR-5 Pro

  • Creality CR-5 Pro industry 3D Printer| 300225380MM| Multiple materials supported| Silent motherboard with ATMEL 2560 master chip | 24V/ 350W Brand power supply| Carborundum glass print bed.


  • CR-5 Pro Key Features

    One of the key features on the CR-5 Pro is the high precision prints, “industrial accuracy”, and it seems they’ve included several features that make that happen.

    For the CR-5 Pro, we have to speak the enclosed build chamber, which captures heat to reduce or eliminate warping. The build chamber is not explicitly heated, but instead of collecting heat generated by the print surface and the hot end. After a long time of testing, the print precision is up to 0.10mm. And now, our engineer upgrades a top cover on the CR-5 Pro, which keeps the printer the constant temperature and supports the more filaments. Print precision is also much higher.

    Except for that, cooling is critically important to getting high precision 3D prints, and Creality has redesigned the cooling system to more effectively cool down freshly extruded material in place.

    Another feature is the general robustness of the entire machine. They have built a sheet metal body with the sturdy machine and including belts made by Gates of the USA. The result of these changes means the motion system can achieve an XY axis accuracy of 0.012mm.

    Many desktop 3D printers use a spring steel plate coated with PEI plate, the CR-5 Pro includes an unusual build surface, the rigid carborundum glass plate. This plate has a microscopic porous structure to which the print securely binds during printing, even though to the eye it appears to be a perfect print surface. When the print cools it will snap off the plate easily because the microscopic bonds between the plate and glass will shift slightly during cooling. This makes for an easy-to-manage print adhesion solution.

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