Creality Appreciated Your Feedbacks

  • Hi, Creality users & families, for better user experience, Creality just updated our website, there might be a little bit different than the previous one, we would be appreciated that you give us your feedback & suggestions about the website while using it. so that we can better solve the problem, improve the website, and added more functions you might need. for example: do you feel difficulty in entering the website? how long it takes you to load the website ? or is there any problem you encounter when you use the forum? we would be appreciated your feedback & suggestions.

  • Yes i agree . [post questions and related responses here] so others dont have to ask repeating questions.. and taking valuable time answering them - again.

    Thanks for keeping the communication open.

  • @admin I notice your response to questions often refers your customer to your support email for faster resolution. This helps the customer but not anybody looking for help with the same problem.
    Please consider posting a summary of the resolution into the forum. This will help others and maybe even reduce the support calls you receive.
    Also noted there are a number of older posts seeking advice that have not been answered. In my opinion this reflects badly on Creality for not responding so would be good to see some more admin support dedicated to this.
    Otherwise great to have a dedicated forum for your printers. Keep up the good work

  • Thank you, we will keep making it better and better together!😊 😊

  • Glad to see things more professional here.

    Thank you!

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