Extremely dissatisfied with the CR-6 SE

  • I purchased mine on eBay, but the printer was still new and still sealed in it's original box. Within the first 2 ½ weeks:

    • The power toggle switch started failing, and late last week it began spitting sparks out of the switch itself! I immediately pulled the plug on it, but as of now I have no idea if any permanent damage has been done to it. I'm waiting for a replacement switch to arrive from Amazon, still I am not keen at all about plugging it back in.

    • Before the switch failed, the auto level function seemed to stop working entirely. When attempting a print, it would extrude lightly in some areas and not at all in others. After retrying the print, it would extrude lightly in some of the areas that it wasn't before, but not extrude at all in areas that it did so during the prior attempt. I tried adjusting the z offset to many different values, but none of them did anything at all to remedy the situation. It's also worth noting that the LCD screen & printer would freeze randomly during a bed leveling attempt.

    • After the issue above, the printer failed to extrude any filament at all when attempting a print. When attempting to load filament into the machine, it would extrude as normal, but nothing at all once a print started. I performed a thorough cleaning of both the bed, nozzle & hotend assembly and once again nothing did anything at all to remedy the problem.

    I have seen literally dozens of people on Reddit and discord that have these same exact issues, so I sent an email requesting a warranty claim against it very early this week, but have not received any reply whatsoever. Making this purchase was one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life...does your company even care about the poor quality of the product or that it is potentially a very dangerous fire hazard?

  • @admin why are you giving out this email when they DON'T want anything to do with the CR6-SE people backed on kickstarter? Here the reply after 3 weeks and a number of emails to them when my CR6 USB port went up in smoke -

    Sorry for this,
    Since you are not purchasing the items from our site, we do not have your order information in our system and could not help you solve the issue,
    You may try to send the email to the manufacturer, and the email address is kickstartersupport@creality.com;
    They will help you.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Customer Service Department

    Before anyone jumps on their PC to email the kickstartersupport address DON'T their no answering this one either, I've been trying for the last 2 and a bit weeks.

  • @admin Since when does Creality answer e-mails? I sent a few with problems and complains and there is no answer at all, not even an automatic reply.

  • I'm with you, all support has done is give me the runaround and tell me the same thing over and over again. Creality has really ruined their reputation with this one.

  • @sternrulez - I feel your pain. I backed the CR-6 SE on Kickstarter and within 24 hours of getting it (back in August, I think), I had a fully clogged nozzle throat. Had no idea that could even happen, and after four attempts to contact Creality for help (two emails, one forum post, one online chat) and no help or responses to my post or email, I had to make a Reddit post to get help from the community. Creality was happy to take everybody's money but they seem to be terrible at customer service.

    On top of that, I have yet to have one fully successful print. The filament they sent was hot garbage and pretty much every other print has either had issues with printing correctly or the print ends up moving partway through the process and I end up with another item for the trash bin. The lack of documentation and assistance combined with their ploy of saying this is a 3D printer that simply works is infuriating. At this point, I'm seriously thinking about reaching out to my credit card company to request a chargeback, as the printer is essentially defective and the company refuses to respond to any requests for assistance.

  • Well don't feel treated badly. Creality is treating all customers very, very badly. My new CR-6 was received on August 16th, died September 4th, and as of today no parts, no commitment for parts, and just "be patient" emails. Two months goes beyond patience. Its time to file a lawsuit and obtain a full refund for this hunk of junk.

  • Dear @sternrulez

    Sorry to hear that, may I have the email address that you send to our cs@creality.com, I will push them to answer your question and give you a solution about that. Thank you.

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