CR-6 SE filament feed strip down guidance?

  • Apologies if this is covered elsewhere - couldn't spot a related thread when I looked.

    TL;DR: filament feeding motor not gripping - is there a strip-down / reassembly guide somewhere?

    While investigating why my printer had stopped feeding filament through to the extruder, I had to dismantle the filament feed motor next to the filament detection component. It turns out the reason it had failed was because the filament had sheered inside the component, so this element is now addressed. However, I don't think I've reassembled the filament feeding motor component's casing properly - I've refed the filament down to the extruder, and the filament can be extruded if I exert manual pressure on the reel end; however, it seems the stepper motor's teeth aren't gripping the filament sufficiently to draw it into the tubing. Is there a guide anywhere for reassembling this element? There are some small loose plastic components which I may not have placed correctly but it's not evident where they should be placed. Hoping someone can save me some time experimenting with this!

    Labelled view of components

    Thanks in advance

  • I found a guide on the youtube channel that addresses my issue, thanks!

  • Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your response. Is there an e-mail address I can send that to?

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  • Dear @Kadhaab

    I have send your issue to our engineer, and he need your video to analysis, could you send a video foe the issue.

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