Y max build size seems to be incorrect.

  • I've been using SLA printers for a while but this is my first FDM so forgive me if it's a dumb question/wrong terminology!

    My CR-6 SE prints well, however I noticed that at the end of a print the bed would move the whole way forward on the Y axis and cause the belt to skip/grind like it was trying to move too far.

    I suspected this may have been due to the end gcode so I amended it to set the Y position to 235 at the end of the print (before it said something like 'machine max' - sorry I can't remember what it exactly had instead of a numerical value).

    I sliced a new print with this end gcode and kicked it off. This print took up most of the build plate, but didn't exceed the 235 plate size I put in cura.

    When it got to the top of the plate (Y should have been at 235) the belt made the grinding noise again and caused the skirt to not meet up back at it's start point.

    I stopped the print and decided to move the bed using the touch screen controls from 0 to 235 on the Y axis. When doing this, starting at 0, I can only get to around 220 on the Y axis before it reaches its max extension and the belt skips/grinds.

    To me, this would suggest that the max build volume for Y is 220, not the 235 stated.

    Am I doing something wrong here or am I just misunderstanding the bed volumes?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @admin The cable connecting to the bed is too short, this is the issue. I can't physically move the bed to the end of the rail (even with the printer off) as the lenght of cable stops the plate moving the correct distance.

    How do I go about getting a replacement hot-bed cable of the correct length sent to me?

  • Now @admin, it is very unprofessional of you to ask @DMorse to upload the videos and then ignore them completely.

    Even I, a 3D printer amature, could clearly see that the rollers were not even travelling to the end of the rails in the first video. And the second video clearly shows that the limits of y movement is less that what the firmware believes it can do.

  • @DMorse Dear, if you didn't return to zero before the movement, that would cause the Y-axis movement cannot reach 235mm. So before set 235mm, you need set to zero first.

  • Hi @admin can I have a reply please?

  • @admin hi, I've still not had a reply to my response. Can I have an update please? How do I get sent the correct size lead to the heated bed so I can use the full build size? The one which came with my printer is too short and stops the bed from moving the specified distance.

  • @admin
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I can't see an option on here to upload a video.

    Here's a youtube link to two videos:

    I did a bit more investigation and I believe I know what the issue is.

    The plate can only move 210mm on the Y axis before the belt skips.

    When the plate is at 210mm on Y, the cable linking to the bed is very tight. I suspect is is too short to allow the bed to move to 235. Is there an option to be sent a cable of a correct length so I can use the full build size?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear @DMorse

    For the CR-6 SE, the printing size is 235235250. If you can provide a video for the issue, it will be helpful for us to understand. Thank you.

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