Bad beginning with New CR20-Pro

  • Dear all,
    I‘m new in this Forum and I‘m a beginner with 3D printing.
    Yesterday I‘ve received my new CR20-Pro and today I tried the first print, result completly bad 😞
    It started well, and from time to time I was going to check the status of the print, took 3 1/2 hours.
    During one check I saw that one corner came up a little bit from the ground.
    As I‘ve checked it the next time the piece have been moved away and it was printing into nothing.
    I can imagine that this happened because one corner left the ground and so the extruder moved the piece away 😞
    You can also see on the picture that the ground of the piece makes a curve.
    Is the heating ground to hot or what could be the problem.
    Like I‘ve mentioned at the beginning, I‘m new with 3D printing and maybe I‘ve overseen something.
    Maybe you need more information?
    I‘m printing with PLA and I‘ve calibrated the printer as described in the manual.
    Thanks in advance for supporting a Newbie![alt text](image url)14EBE2FF-83B0-4F52-B0C2-EE4744A2583A.jpeg

  • Dear @Scrubbins @Megge

    There is a specific platform for after-sales service, you are welcomed to leave your questions here, our people will feedback to you quickly

  • My bed is so far from level its attrocious, 0.4mm deviation is "acceptable" how the hell is that ok? If you printed at 0.4mm you could barely get contact from front to back if that was the case!

    Use octoprint, do a bed visualisation and you will see how far out of whack your bed is. I bet it looks similar to mine : 2021-01-13 01_05_45-Window.png

    It is not impossible to print on this machine without stuffing paper under a corner to try and "level" the bed which has no bed levelling dials - I am retro fitting them to this as no way can the BL touch on there resolve these issues, at best it can deal with 0.1mm deviations AT BEST.

    I have 3 creality printers and they will be my last, some of the chinesium attitudes to build quality really, really show. When they work they are beautiful machines. When they don't they really really don't.

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