CR6-SE prints to fast using CURA 4.7.1

  • The CR6-SE speed settings is defined in (mm / s). When setting the print speed lower in Cura 4.7.1 slicer, it still prints in 100mm/s. As a consequence, the speed becomes too fast and ruin prints.

    I suspect the problem is related the Cura profile i use (Ender 3) as CR6-SE profile is missing.

    I suspect Ender 3 uses (%) speed instead of (mm / s) in CR6. When Cura makes the gcode it sets the speed to 100%, which becomes 100mm/s in CR6-SE.

    Does anyone have the same problem and /or solution to this? Do you anyone use different slice with working results?

  • Yes it is 100 on my printer.

    When i set slower on CURA, it still print to fast.


    print speed.JPG

  • Dear @Bizzmo
    Please check if it is the 100 that shows in the picture? This refers to the printing rate, not the printing speed.

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