Blue Screen afterBLTouch 3.1 install

  • Hello all, I need some assistance with an issue on my new Ender 3 Pro. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago and began upgrading it. Last night I installed the BLTouch 3.1 from Creality. During the process I installed the BLTouch first and THEN flashed the the hex 1.1.6 w/BLTouch support. Now all I get on the screen is a blue flickering/flashing screen on my Ender 3. BLTouch doesnt light up or do anything and I cant seem to do anything with the printer either. At one point the Z started to move but that was it. I have a 1.1.4 board, BLTouch 3.1 and flashed 1.1.6 w/BLTouch support using the provided ISP cable PIN Board and Burner (AFTER plugging everything in although the instructions say to do it before, I know I'm dumb). Did I fry the board or can this be salvaged? Im not sure where to go from here.

  • @admin What does this mean? What version from the Ender Pro download page does it support with BLTouch?

  • Dear @xbrobotx

    This series of products cannot support too many firmware versions, it has a fixed firmware version and needs to be replaced with the original factory firmware version.

  • Hi,
    I had the same problem and you need to install the firmware FIRST and then the BLtouch. Try this. Unplug every connection from the BLTouch on the board. Put back the original z-stop.
    Reflash the BLTouch firmware and put the BLtouch connections back in.
    You can also try to reflash the stock firmware without the BLTouch first. Then follow the correct sequence and reflash the BLTouch firmware. Then connect the BLTouch.
    The board should not be damaged by flashing the firmware. My screen stayed dark the first time but afterwards it worked without problems.
    Hope this helps.

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