CR-5 Pro fan duct

  • Hi!
    I need cr5Pro fan duct STL for cr5 pro
    Mine original part started to melt, and its mounting is half broken. I want to print new one, but nothing fits. Please help me.
    Creality have STL becouse its printed as stock, but it wasn't on SD card 😞

  • @TT2 Hello TT2, do you have any recommendations on where I can learn about printing orientation in relation to using minimal supports?

  • After seeing your print, Subversive, I tried the print on its side without support; it came out fine. Thanks

  • Thanks for finding this! I printed in PLA with no supports, working well so far.

  • Print in ABS finished. I had to use "Supports Everywhere" in the Creality Slicer 1.2.3 (Can't fathom-out Cura 4.8.0 that came with the CR-5 Pro H!) to prevent unsupported warping. When the print finished I had a lot of cutting and sanding to do and eventually it came to look much better than the original. Had to be careful sanding the bottom slanting base as it was quite thin straight from the print. Took some pictures but they produced an error when uploading to this post, even after resizing them.

    The print is OK; not pretty but seems more functional than the original. I'm going silent for now as I feel I've been hogging the post. Hope this helps you all.

  • Whilst the file is printing, I notice that the print dimesions are somewhat uneven; the height of one side of the fan duct isn't the same as the other. Checked this out by measuring in Blender. Looks like the morphing of the design was done by mouse, rather than by measurement in whatever software was used. I might have to try and modify the STL and pull the shape back into symmetry. The design doesn't even have opposing walls of the same thickness; think they gave this job to the first-day newbie, fresh out of school!

  • Found this hidden away on Thingiverse:

    Just going to print it out in ABS. Hope it works.

    Will report back.

  • I use a CR-10s Pro V2 for PLA printing and I have the CR-5 Pro H, which I use for ABS printing. The CR-5 fan duct came badly morphed as a factory fitted 3D printed item. It kept catching on the layers I was printing, so I took it off as ABS prints better with the fan switched-off, anyway. On full examination mine was really badly printed (I think in Nylon) and it should never have been used in the assembly or passed in a factory inspection! I too need one if I ever require to use the CR-5 to print filament which needs cooling at the hot-end nozzle.

    Anecdotally, my CR-5 arrived with no package damage but with a broken frosted perspex side panel and trying to get creality to replace it caused me to nearly lose the will to live; they said they would replace it free of charge but then baulked at bearing the shipping charges to the UK and wanted me to put a claim into UPS so that they could reclaim everything, despite no obvious external damage to the well-padded packaging. UPS weren't playing ball and it all went around in circles until I said I would buy a sheet of frosted perspex, cut and drill it myself just to ensure my sanity. I wasn't impressed and I don't expect a call to Creality to elicit any positive results in obtaining a replacement fan duct.

    I've tried to start creating an acceptable design in Blender but it's proving more difficult than I originally expected. Please let me know if you have any success. If I manage to complete my design successfully then I'll make it available via this post.

  • Anyone ever get this file? I need it too. Mine has broken off and I need to print a new one. Currently being held on with electrical tape.

  • Hi there!,

    I join the request! The piece that comes is poor quality made in PLA and his thing would be to be able to have the STL file and be able to print it in ABS or PETG.

    Can someone pass us this file?

    Thank you!

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