Can we get some instructions for Motherboard and Screen Firmware installation?

  • It's concerning to me that you have firmware available from your website but no instructions on how to install it.
    It's like you want us to brick our devices.

    The motherboard firmware seems easy enough, but should be documented. I have no freaking idea what to do with the screen firmware update. I've seen some posts but it all sounds like gibberish to me. I just want some simple put the file here, insert it here and then push this button... That kind of instructions.

    I have a CR-6 SE with a 32bit board.

  • @ibgeek Amen! I've been looking a long time with no success.

  • @ibgeek @Creality I too would like to know how to install the screen software. I figured our the motherboard software by unzipping the .rar file and placing the "bin" file on my sd card, turning off the printer, installing the card and turning on the printer, but I can not figure out how to install the screen software. I also wouldn't mine knowing what to do with latest slicer software. It downloaded as an *.msi file.

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