Glass Bed on New Ender 3 V2

  • Cleaned Glass bed on New Ender 3 V2 with Alcohol as per documents.
    Reading here that that may not be best way to clean.
    Either way, the black surface has turned brownish and prints are hard to release now.
    Can I just turn glass over and use uncoated side, or do I need new glass?

  • Curious to know ..
    What temp did you heat the bed up to ?? ..
    Heat can turn the colour of the glass paint/coating.

  • You can flip it over and print. I generally take it off and wash it down with warm soapy water, then go over it lightly with a paper towel and alcohol once I have it mounted back to the plate to remove any oil. Once the plate cools, the prints pop off for the most part.

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