A very strange layer shift

  • For the last 3 prints, about 1/2 of on inch up the print there is a spot where a couple layers are printed a tiny bit out from the rest of the layers. The odd thing is that goes outward the whole way around but a normal layer shift would leave an indentation on one side and a bump out on the opposite side. This is puzzling because after these couple layers it prints the rest perfectly and it goes back to printing the way it was supposed to. This leaves me with prints with a bump the whole way around. I have no idea why this is happening and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I have a ender 3 pro from 2018.

  • Dear @thederpyllama

    1. Level the four corners of the hot bed with the print head to make sure they are at the same level. 2. Adjust the temperature of the hot bed to 60° and apply solid glue to the bottom of the printing surface to ensure sufficient adhesion

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