BL touch installed but bed leveling nowhere to be seen

  • Hi,

    Ender-3 Pro
    BL touch v1

    I just installed the BL touch (v1) kit from Creality on my Ender-3 Pro. I updated the firmware with the 'Ender-3 Pro_8bit_1.1.6 BL Touch Firmware_0814.rar'-file. All went well. But it seems like the BL touch stuff is missing, or the firmware don't recognize the hardware.

    Also, when I select 'Auto home' it navigates to the old home position which becomes problem as there is no longer a Zstop.

    What may have gone wrong and how can I fix this?

    Any tips or help highly appreciated!

    Best regards!


  • I figured out my mistake.

    When I was asked to load an hex file I just selected the one visible in the file selector which was 'Marlin.cpp.hex'. No instructions told my which file to load.

    As luck would have it I happened to notice file by mistake, 'Ender-3 Pro_1.1.6V_BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueEnglish.hex' in an earlier folder. And at my fourth attempt to flash the firmware I selected this one and YAAAAY it all works now.

    So please update and specify the hex file to be used.

    Best regards