UK Shipping Update

  • There's a lot of posts here asking about orders for the UK. @admin can we get an official update as to status? For example, 1ZV183Y56843581476 - my order - with a label created five weeks ago.

    If it's still in transit to Germany, do you know it's estimated arrival? If there are a lot of people waiting for their printers to arrive, can you send an official update via Kickstarter? We shouldn't have to post here to get an update. That's what Kickstarter updates/emails are for.

  • Awesome! I look forward to the update. (Also, I appreciate the position you're in. A lot of this is outside your direct control, and you're the easiest way to contact Creality, which means you get all these questions. Thank you for doing what you can).

  • Dear @colintate

    You are totally right, I have suggested our colleague who is responsible for KS, and he is checking the status with our shipping agent, we will have an update for the boats. Please don't worry. We received these messages and yes we are doing something now. Thank you.

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