• It is now November, creality said they would ship the 6 se printers by October 17th for backers of filed the survey late. I and they would be flown instead of being put on a boat. I am backer 11,050 why is it taking so long? Also I hope the printers that I do get will not have any of the problems I have been seeing on the forums. I would assume that the issues will be addressed and I will be receiving my printer that is most current with updates and all issues fixed.

  • Good luck with that! My printer died September 6th, and no parts, no response! Creality is not responding to any problems with any of the newer models. Frankly, they should have stopped shipping completely until the problems are fixed. They seem to have no interest in fixing the units that have been dead for over two months and they could not have fixed the serious issues in that time period.

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