In UK, also still waiting for overdue CR-6 delivery.. refund?

  • Dear Creality,

    Backer# 6480 (PBID00601254) here!

    Why have you lied to me? I backed your Kickstarter for CR-6 on 17th May 2020. You took my payment in June, promising shipping by August and you missed that deadline. You

    You sent me Tracking via PledgeBox on 16th September, advising you were fulfilling my items -- but UPS says the parcel is still awaiting collection from Germany.

    I have tried to reach you 3 times via PledgeBox, Kickstarter and Email. You do not respond.

    I am extremely disappointed. If you cannot confirm an exact November delivery date to UK within next 48 hours, I will be seeking refund from my credit-card company.

    I thought this was an exciting project, from a reputable manufacturer, but it is now starting to feel alot like a scam!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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