CR10S Pro V2 Tuning

  • Using a brand new CR10S Pro V2 all stock I am able to produce great quality prints with one exception, small prints have a funky over extrusion. The picture below was printed with following settings (temps given in degrees Celsius):

    Extruder temp: 210
    Bed temp: 60
    Layer: 0.150
    Extrusion multiplier: 0.89 (stock was 0.90, I lowered to 0.89 hoping it would have an impact on the small structures but it did not.)


    I have made sure all 4 corners are level and am getting great 1st layer adhesion to the bed.
    Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you for your time.

  • The Universe decided to assist me in my troubleshooting...
    When I awoke this morning and checked my 30hr print that was about 80% complete I see that the printer shows print finished on the display but clearly, since I could see the infill and not the finished top of the part, it had not. Discovery of the cause took a moment to notice as I did not immediately see any spaghetti mess of melted filament. But in short order I saw that my PTFE tube was no longer inserted in the coupler at the feeder end and the printer had dutifully fed the plastic into a nice coil behind the machine, un-melted. So I quietly rerolled the spool and fired off an email to customer support and ordered a nice set of E3D Bowden couplers. It was at this point I slowed down, had my coffee and found my spare parts baggie that I forgot existed, which contained... an extra Bowden coupler. First test print of a string tower was stringy but the structure of the tower is clean and as expected. I would upload pictures but the site keeps erroring out. This question can be marked as closed.

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