How to move spool holder and control panel to opposite side

  • I am new to 3D printing and just bought the Ender 3 V2.

    I would like to put the printer in a cupboard, but it will not fit unless I can move the filament spool and control panel from the right side of the printer to the left side.

    Its easy enough to slide the filament spool bracket from the right to the left, but will this cause problems with the filament feed and if so what is the solution ? Can I print a guide or is there a better alternative ?

    When it comes to moving the control panel, I realise the ribbon cable is too short but I can make an extension ribbon cable at work. However, the bracket will not allow the panel to be moved from the right to the left (not without it facing away from the user) so what's the best solution for this ? Can I print a mirrored bracket or is there a better alternative ?

  • There are a couple of prints on Thingiverse to move the control panel to the Left but not sure about being able to move the extruder. The spool move is easy. In theory, you should be able to move the extruder over by flipping it upside down and moving to the right side. You'll need to get some wires and solder them in to increase the length of the lead to the main board. If you don't want to flip the stepper upside down, you'll have to reverse the inputs on the motor so it feeds the right direction.

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