using glue stick on a CR 10 v3 bed

  • Hey ,
    I just got my first 3d printer - a CR10 V3
    I've been doing a couple of prints and tweaking the slicing software as I go along ... tonight I tried to print some small knobs for a gopro mount (to mount it to my guitar) and I could not get them to adhere well to the bed .... I think it's more of a G-code issue rather than a printer issue as so far i've had no issues with adhesion on the other prints .... I ended up using a raft for them .. however I was thinking , can you use glue stick on the CR10 v3 bed ? to increase a bit of adhesion on fastidious parts ?

    thanks !!!

  • Dear @darryl-portelli

    You can use solid glue/textured paper to smear and paste on the platform plate to enhance the adhesion of the model, or increase the model base when slicing,

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