V2 Bed -- Boat Stuck on Bed BIGTIME. How to get them off the V2 Bed?

  • 1st test smaller version of cube, worked great kinda popped off with a little pressure after bed cooled but it was very small.

    2nd test boat -- sucker feels welded on. Had bed dead cold -- no difference. Heated to 50, no difference. Cooled again. Still stuck. Heated to 70, half melted base with included metal spatula finally came off.

    This is my first 3d printer, I sure as hell hope someone has some advice for how to remove items from the v2 bed which supposedly was amazing based on reviews not so far imo but I hope I'm doing something wrong.

  • @Psilament Put the glass plate in the freezer for a 5-10 minutes. Parts will literally fall off. Been doing this for years!

  • Use Raft, Because its easy to peel off prints.

  • Flipped to the pure glass side, used Layerneer Bed Weld - perfect combo of sticky yet easy to remove.
    Not impressed at all with the other side its only good for models that don't have a large base area, and the pure glass side is great for that now with a simple brim.

  • Thanks. Will using the utility knife included with the box scratch the Bed? It didn't, but I'm afraid if I do this often it will become worn.

  • Dear @Psilament

    Heat the hot bed to 60° and use a shovel to shovel it off. If it is very close, you can use a utility knife to insert it between the model and the hot bed board to separate it (use the utility knife, please to be safe)

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