Prints near impossible to remove cr-6 se

  • I see lots of people having issues with prints not sticking to the new glass bed , I'm not one of them, so far I have done 12 prints on the cr-6 se, and included glass plates and flex beds, this one have the best bed adhesion of them all, every time, both for plates you and petg, but... The Are near impossible to get off, even after letting the bed cool down to room temperature, even put it in the fridge, still really stuck, takes a lot of force to get the prints to come loose, works with more solid pints, but not so much with things printed in vase mode, so how do you get them off from the new bed?

    And I noticed that after 12 prints, the bed looks worse then my ender 5 bed with 100+ prints on it, tried so how do you get the glass clean? Tried with hot water and alcohol , but still can't get much of the residu off..

  • @admin The why does page 3 of the CR6 user manual say to user it??

  • @daol the news about the alcool is quite bad, I actually already cleaned couple of times with isopropyl alcool.

    About the prints sticking too much, my solution was to increase the z-offset of 0.05 and when cooled, with some pressure (trying to be gentle) the prints detach.

  • ok, thanks, I can get the prints of the bed now, but if I cant use alcohol, what is the best way to get the bed really clean? and get rid of all the "gunk" that is left on the plate, I can feel that the plate is smooth where I have printed before, and textured where I have not printed, so I need to get the plate clean.

  • @daol Dear, Carbon silicon crystal glass can not be cleaned with alcohol! It may cause the coating to fall off.
    When you take the model off, it will be easier that heat the hot bed to 60° and shovel down the model.

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