Ender PLA poor prints

  • I have just got an Ender 3 pro - was reall![y chuffed with the results using CCTREE PLA+ - got some Ender PLA (thought it was a good idea and the filament should be OK quality wise). Ever since the quality of print has gone to pot. Layers and 'threads' do not seem to be sticking together, there are gaps in the print as if the extruder is not extruding enough filament, but I also get stringing. I have messed around with all manner of settings and even loaded some Cura profiles from CHEP on youtube. This filament just does not seem to want to print properly. CCTREE PLA+ is fine. Has anyone any ideas of what may be the problem? Ender PLA problems 2.jpg Have I got a duff reel of filament? Is Ender PLA poor filament or just difficult to print with? I have watched a mass of youtubes and read loads of articles but not found an answer. Does anyone have any suggestions please? (Apart from stick to CCTREE PLA+ that is!! 🙂 )

  • Hi,
    Many thanks for your reply - I have done as you suggested and the results are below. The blue endcap is the Ender PLA using your settings and the Creality slicer. The black is CCTREE PAL+ using stock Ender 3pro settings in the latest Cura 4.6. Your settings are a vast improvement over stock but it still is a lond way short of what I feel this printer is capable of. I do wonder why Ender PLA needs such drastically customised settings when everyone (including the Creality website) says stock should be pretty close. Any further suggestions would be welcome.Compare 1.jpg Compare 2.jpg

  • @BigQ It may be a problem with the slicing setting, please refer to the following settings for slicing to test the printing effect.
    2, Please check if the X-axis is shaking, adjust according to the tutorial
    3. Check if the nozzle kit shakes
    4, Check if the printing platform is shaking

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