Level problem

  • I just got CR6-SE and I didn't have problem when I printed moderate size of objects which is printed in the middle of the bed.

    However, when I tried to print an large object some part of the print was not properly printed.

    It seemed that the bed is slightly inclined

    Also, when I operated auto-leveling, the nozzle part of the printer seems to move once it hit the bed(I am not sure if it is normal)

    I have no idea what to do.

    Please let me know


  • @FabFab hi. I have the same problem. In the right side of the bed is not printin well. Cant we post pics in here? Would be easie to see.
    I have installed theast firmware version but it also does it, even worse

  • @FabFab Is hot bed move when nozzle hit hot bed? And it may cause by hit or the z-axis moves up and down. Is it convenient to record a video?

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