Can the x max endstop be dissabled?

  • I would like to make a nozzle wiper and there is room for the hotend to go past the bed on the max x end. It would be useful if I mounted a little wire to the x gantry that would always be at the level of the nozzle. Then I could add some gcode after a filament change to pass the wiper, extrude to purge the old color while off of the bed, then please back over the wiper again.

  • @HVJ17, ah, I was reading in the Marlin website that max. endstops are handled by the firmware and not a physical max. endstop switch. When you control the position by the touch screen, you can't make it go past the printing limits.

    So... I never tried to do it with g-code. But what do you know, the firmware does not keep track of the absolute position in order to create programmatic end stops. That's good and bad all rolled into one. But since the slicer app will respect the boundaries that are entered, the printer is safe.

    But it also means that you can tweak the dimensions and be able to print larger that 235x235!

    Thanks @HVJ17, that was the little push I needed to actually try it out.

  • There is no x max end stop. This printer only uses zyx min.

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