• I have a CR-6-SE , this is my first real problem, it started printing what might be described as a pattern of pimples/zits every few layers someone on the Facebook page suggested a mesh fix, this seemed to work it stopped the pimples but not the layer adhesion in vase mode, thinking the extruder needed a clean I took it apart according to your video there should be a small piece of plastic between the small screw adjacent to the spring and the spring itself maybe it fell out and I didn't notice, however I managed to get it back together unfortunately it seems to be under extruding its not making any noise and I'm reasonably new to this so maybe no connection, have tried different print speeds and nozzle temperature. Should point out it was working fine until the pimples/zits appeared, I have updated the firm ware but still not printing as well as when I first got it. The hot end seems to be stopping for a fraction of a second, the motor for the riser right hand of gantry is hot whilst the left side is cold, it still tries to print but leaves a lot of small holes, I suspect the the main board needs replacing, too much happening at once, Could you please advise, do I return it under warranty or do you have a solution, its sad because I was impressed.
    Brian Ferguson Backer No, 9617

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  • Hello Brian 🙂

    I’m new to this too and I’ve been told sometimes the zits and small imperfections like that can be cause by a humid filament,
    I couldn’t find the original video where I learned this but this guys explains it a little, you also might want to check baking the filament to dry it (lots of videos on youtube), one of my friends also told me when you hear crackling (resembles rice krispy’s when you just poured the milk) whilst it’s printing is also a sign of a humid filament (don’t have proof of that but makes sense since you’re basically burning the water inside the filament and creating bubbles in your extrusion so they pop when they exit the nozzle)

    Tell me if it helps 🙂


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