Bad printing - offset problem ??

  • I just received the printer this week.
    First time I try with this kind of printer.
    Day 1 : I just printed one model (fortune cat) from the SD card and it was perfect.
    Day 2 : I printed a model of phone holder. Perfect too.
    Day 3 : Each model I tried to print failed. Why ? I even tried the model 1, but it failed too.

    failed 3d.JPG

    I didn't stay watching the printout, but for one model I saw that the printer was not aligned with the printed material.
    I noticed that it was printing next to the model, which is why I have a lot of filaments that are no longer together.
    So at a moment, the printer loses its original references and goes next to draw something in the void.

    I don't know what I have to verify.

  • @Christophe prints not sticking to the bed is normaly in my experience cause of a few things, need to level the bed, , wrong temp for the filament and/or bed, or printing too fast, what I do it look at the first layer at the start of the print, if it looks good, not too flat, and I touch it slightly to make sure its sticking to the bed.

    had my printers in different rooms, with different temps, for me the only time it didnt work, was in a room that there is more draft in from a door, and had the printer on the floor, prints stuck to the bed at first, then mid print then came loose.

    regarding the offset, I have to change that every time when I level my bed on the cr-6se, both up and down

  • @crayon , thank for your reply.
    I do proceed to an autoleveling each time because I though it was necessary.
    I don't know how to 'calibrate' the offset, it's 0.25 configurated and I didn't change it.
    The firmware is not latest : 1.0.2 if I remember.
    I did'nt read some good effect of upgrading the firmware, so I prefere not to do now.

    I print directly from SD card, the printer is not yet connected to my computer.
    The cat come from the SD card in G-code format.
    The phone holder come from Thingiverse, I didn't change the parameters to slice it, maybe the density (I don't remember).

    I read a lot on the net yesterday evening, first thing to verify is the cleaning of the bed.
    Because I found the cat outside the bed on the display, so I guess it was not stick.

    This morning I proceeded to some checks :

    • tension of the belts, didn't check the screws (I will do)
    • cleaning the bed (I don't have any alcohol, so I used 'window cleaner with alcohol')
    • auto leveling again

    I started again a new model (smal figurine) and had to stop it because it printed some parts in the void again.
    I understood that I didn't put supports, so now I'm busy to print another one with supports and extra adhesion, hope it will work (35 %, it takes 3 x more time)

    So, I suppose that I had two problems :

    • cleaning
    • missing supports on the other model

    Maybe another idea for the non sticking : I changed the printer to another room, because the fans are too noisy, but this room is colder (19°C). Could be ?

  • Not sure if my level of expertise will help in this case as I'm not really an advanced user in any sense.
    It's also a bit hard to maybe judge from the picture what might be the root cause of the failed prints.

    Have you tried any troubleshooting steps already with the printer? For example running the auto bed levelling and calibrated the offset again? I have seen other users in the forums complaining that they had to do this every print they made because of the offset was not saved between power cycles. Perhaps it's related to something like that?

    Also, what version of the firmware are you using?
    Are you printing from the SD-card or are do you have the printer hooked up to an external source? PC/raspberry pi or such?

    Have you checked the belt tensions, and tightened everything to satisfaction? It's not uncommon that screws and bolts are a bit loose because of transportation of the equipment.

    That cat I suppose is pre-sliced gcode already available on the SD-card? (I haven't checked my SD card actually)
    Did you make some other changes when you sliced your phone holder? Supports, adhesion, print speeds, temperatures, etc etc?

    Not sure if any of this is of any help, but at least you have some steps that you can check and elaborate on.

    If you have the possibility it would also be nice if you could film the printer in action. It can give a bit more clues about the issue.

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