CR-10S Pro V2 layers make a "curve" (shift back and forward)

  • I printed "fine" for about one month, I then changed filament (to eSUN PETG from eSUN PLA+) and cleaned the nozzle with the eSUN "cleaning" filament.

    Printer quality was pretty terrible but I thought I might have a problem with the PETG filament, this is the test cube:

    ![0_1604687740736_1petg.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    I tried to switch back to PLA+ (after cleaning again) and results are horrific:

    ![0_1604687753691_2pla.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Note how the shift/curve is consistent between the two tests. Measures are fine, the 20 mm cube is 20x20x19.7 (both in PETG and PLA+). I then went through:

    • Leveled the bed again and again.
    • Checked all the screws (including those under the bed and on its wheels and the ones cited here
    • Checked all the belts.

    No changes. I then cleaned the Z axis rods and applied some lubricant (WD-40, the proper PTFE lubricant, not the other one), now I've got this:

    ![0_1604687763472_3pla.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Note that the two nuts that holds the Z rods (the ones mentioned in the linked post) were COMPLETELY loose (both those and the ones in the other side). I can screw/unscrew them with my bare hands but even after tightening them nothing changed.

    I thought I had to add some more lubricant but things got worse, I removed some and I was back. I then switched to PETG and the results were even worse than what I began with, I do not have pictures (no need to complete a print to see it is messing up) but the bending begins at the very first layers.

    Is there anything else to do or to try? Possibly something I can measure or check? I do not want to, for example, buy new rods because "they COULD be deformed". Printing quality was acceptable one week ago and I would like to come back to that.

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