Fried my V.4.2.7 Board

  • Hi,
    hope someone could help.
    Got V427 board to update my Ender 3 V1.
    Did the cableing according many, basically similar How-tos but must have done something wrong.
    Switching it on the first time was credited with a flash and smoke.!
    Power cables had black to the rightside.
    The 2 red ones on the right plugs I might have mixed up.
    See Pics for Cables and localization of burned spot.

    ![0_1604687632642_IMG_1706A.JPG](Uploading 100%) ![0_1604687649125_IMG_1715A.JPG](Uploading 100%)

    Since I wand to reinstall the old bord until I got a new one, and do not want to have that happen again at both of them I need the actual cause of it.

    Thanks Dirk

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