Fried my V.4.2.7 Board

  • Hi,
    hope someone could help.
    Got V427 board to update my Ender 3 V1.
    Did the cableing according many, basically similar How-tos but must have done something wrong.
    Switching it on the first time was credited with a flash and smoke.!
    Power cables had black to the rightside.
    The 2 red ones on the right plugs I might have mixed up.
    See Pics for Cables and localization of burned spot.

    ![0_1604687632642_IMG_1706A.JPG](Uploading 100%) ![0_1604687649125_IMG_1715A.JPG](Uploading 100%)

    Since I wand to reinstall the old bord until I got a new one, and do not want to have that happen again at both of them I need the actual cause of it.

    Thanks Dirk

  • Your pictures didn't upload. If you check your original post, you'll see the placeholder markdown code there, instead of the images. That's what everyone else sees, too.

    Based on just the text, the cause seems to be faulty/incorrect wiring.

  • Any resolution to this? I'm having a similar issue

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