After bl touch update printing wrong

  • hi ik did yesterday install en update the firmware, for the Bltouch.

    Only the printmodel are going wrong.
    The first layer go wrong, it seems me that Z as
    Are wrong,
    The frist printinglayer going wrong, and i have to stop the printer

  • @wim
    I assume you adjusted the Z-offset accordingly to the instructions for the BLTouch.

    I had the same issue on my Ender 3 pro. I solved it as follow:

    You can adjust the Z-offset if too high. First, print a first layer and stop the print during this printing. Remove any filament under the head (HOT!!). Then in the menu go to Control - Motion - Z Offset and lower the value, step by step, until the distance between the bed and the head is fine. Then store the settings. Print a test layer. You can repeat this until you reach the best result.

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