Ender 3 v2 Nozzle is too higherature error, please help

  • Hi when i start my ender 3v2 i get a message that says "Nozzle is too higherature error" and it beeps.
    how do i fiks it.

    im runing ender 3 v2 and 4.2.2 motherboard. all original parts.
    i have tryed different firmware builds but it doesnt help.
    i tried to change heater and temperature sensor but it didnt help.
    i searched in build files for firmware for the word "higherature" and thought because of the typo it shold be easy to find. but im out of luck there.

    when i search the internet all i can find is how to make shure your temerature is right for printing.

    i have orderd a skr mini e3 v2.0 ar a replasement motherboard. but i havent resived it yet. and it did say that it fits ender 3 v2 thou when i google it it hard to fint formware ot any data that it wil work on ender 3 v2.

  • @Titan8x der Fehler tritt auf, wenn eine bestimmte Temperatur für das Druckobjekt voreingestellt ist und man diese Temperatur wärend des Druckens ändert.
    Meistens tritt der Fehler direkt am Druckanfang auf wenn man da die Temp, ändert.
    Einfach die Temperatur beim Slicen einstellen und der Fehler tritt nicht mehr auf.
    Ist eben ein Bug, den man aber umgehen kann.

  • @ajaybnl when i power it up. it says creality in the screen then it changes to the screen seen on picture.
    nothing happens to the printer. just the screen

  • This post is deleted!

  • i have gone over all the cables. no damage to the cables as i can see.

    replased the heater and the termostat, checked that its no shorted wires.

    but still the same error.

  • When does this error comes, before auto home?

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