BL-Touch Doesnt seem to work?

  • Hey guys.

    So I've been using my ender 3 pro for a few months now, and love it... but I found that having to constantly level the bed was doing my head in, so purchased a BL-touch to try and help me save some time.

    Installed it pretty easy.. except for not being able to get the software for it (the creality site didn't seem to have a .hex file) but no biggie. I managed to get hold of one (Ender-3Marlin1.1.6BLTouch) and flashed the board.

    Since installing it, its been a nightmare. I have followed the instructions in the manual, regarding auto home, setting up the z offset ect, but it seems like no matter what I do, every time I print, it just prints at a random height?

    First few times it printed at about 5mm from the board (even though I reset the offset each time) then print 4 it actually dragged on my printing board and damaged it.

    I've spent all day today trying to figure it out, and I have to come to the realisation, it doesn't matter what z offset I put in, it just prints at a random height?

    Any ideas guys?

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